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Wii Motion Censor Plus is Changing the “Game”

I own a Wii gaming system and I recently purchased the sequal to Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, featuring the newest addition to the Wii system “motion plus”. This little add-on clips on to the end of your Wii-Mote and enhances the motion censors to replicate the twists and turns of your hand and wrist almost exactly.

I don’t know how many of you have experienced Wii, but I’m sure you have all at least heard of it, and if you didn’t think it was amazing before, you will now.

When it comes to gaming this is the ultimate experience. The fact that the controller can mimic your motion exactly is so amazing and cool.  From frisbee to ping pong to my personal favorite, sword fighting, you really do feel like you are actually doing these things. It is by far one of the most fun Wii games to date.

The game is constructed to keep the players as least confused and frustrated as possible. Each game has a brief tutorial that lets you practice for as long as you want before you play the game. At first I found this useful, but I do wish there was a way to shut off the “automatic tutorials” once you’ve become accustom to the game. However, this was useful when friends came over because I didn’t have to explain how to play each time some one new wanted to play. These tutorials also helped because it does take some getting used to. The motion plus is so sensitive that one tends to get carried away and an adjustment period is really useful. However, I would prefer an option to turn them on and off accordingly.

Now when thinking of play and gaming, I would say that the Wii Sports Resort is a pretty competitive game, competetivness is something I feel defentely goes hand and hand with any sort of game. Whether your competing with someone face to face, over the web, or competing with your own previous score, competition makes games Perhaps it depends on how competitive you can be, but for me and the people I’ve played with, It’s not this light hearted playful game. In fact, when it comes to sword dueling I will personally challenge anyone who thinks they can take me, or “Master  D-Slice”, as I’ve been appropriately deemed.

The idea of “play” really escapes me when it comes to this game. It’s supposed to be fun, and do not get me wrong, it really is, but because it is so realistic, I tend to resort back to my high school athletic days and become very competitive. Practicing in free time, setting up tournaments, and doing my fair share of taunting to anyone who accepts my challenges. If I start to lose… well, let’s just say I have had my share of time-outs over ping-pong.

Now I may be turning you away from this game, why would anyone want to play a game that turns them into hot heads? Well I do admit, I am one of the most competeive people I know, shocking, I know. So if it’s not in your nature then this game is going to be a fun playful experience for you. I have had a few Wii nights and the social factor is amazing. You can play with up to four people and the games are quick so every one gets a turn. Some of the games are 2 vs. 2 so you get a nice team experience and again, the realness of the games allow for everyone to get really into them.

Also with the Wii, you get to create your own “Mii”. Little cartoon avatars that you can make look very cartoonish with big fish eyes and crazy hair, or just like you!

WiiMeThis, of course, only adds to to my competitiveness. With the character looking like me, I am that much more attached to it and therefore get that much more mad when she messes up!

These types of systems and games really blur the lines of playing and learning. When your interacting with the game your “playing” it in a way that you are physically a part of it and I feel this type of gaming is transferrable. Granted the weight of equipment you play with and the circumstances of real live play are different, but the same basic concepts are reenacted in these video games. I will swear to the fact that my frisbee game has improved since playing Wii Sports Resort’s “Frisbee Dog” and I’ve definitely learned a thing or two about golf. The only way to really advance in these games is to use the remote how your supposed to . You can attempt to do the lazy sit down version but I have come to realize that if you hold the remote the way you would an actual frisbee, or golf club, you will do better in the games. The last time I went to play mini golf, I noticed that I really had improved because of the way Wii taught me how to hold the putter.

There are so many reason why I enjoy games like these, they are fun, competitive, and you really do learn from them. Wii Sports Resort definitely brings video gaming to a whole other level.


Delicious is deeeelish


I started using delicious and it’s really easy to use. I used to use diigo but I’m finding the delicious tags much easier to work with.

I found a good tutorial with some really good tips if anyone is interested.


Website Idea

I’ve always been a very strong girl. Growing up I was quiet the tom boy and hung around with mostly guys, and because of this, I’ve always been able to talk to them. Not just talk to them, but express myself in ways that they will understand (no offense guys, but sometimes you just don’t get what we are saying)! Not to put the blame on men at all, most of the time women are completely unreadable and straight up confusing. Now I’m no relationship expert but I tend to be the shoulder to get cried on by about 90% of my girlfriends. In their hysteria they usually can’t verbalize what they want from their significant other. That is where my website comes in. I seem to be a good medium between the girl and guy worlds. I can take their situations and break it down in guy terms, simple phrases and straight to the point sentences that bring clarity to chaotic situations. What I would like to do is create a website where women can go on and post their problems, sort of like a Dear Abby. Whether its dealing with a cheater, immaturity, financial issues, or other relationships, a boss over looking your work, or a bitchy girl that won’t get off your back, and help them verbalize their feelings. Help them put the million thoughts running through their head into a calm, cool, and collected argument.

The site could then generate into an open forum, other women with similar issues can talk to each other with totally anonymity. This doesn’t just have to be for women, there could be a section for men, of course with an alias know one would be the wiser. I would call the site, taken from William Congreve’s ‘The Mourning Bride’ – “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor Hell a fury like a woman scorned”. I know it would be “hell a fury” but given the Western coast’s slang use of the word “hella” as an adjective for very, and the modern interpretation of Congreve’s play, I think “hath no” works better. What do you think?



We were asked to add a couple blogs to our blogroll. I chose to add one of my favorite bloggers Michael Buckley, who started a youtube site “What the Buck” and now his own vlog @ I’m obsessed with pop culture and What the Buck was the perfect, minute long, jam packed, and hysterical, news feed for me. I started following his vlog a few months ago which hosts mini webisodes that let him rant about celebrities and all the hot gossip. I find it interesting because he usually touches on up and coming movies, what TV shows are hot right now, and what to listen for on Itunes. If your into pop culture at all definitely check out this site.

Another blog I like to follow is my friend’s @  Although I may not be as active as her in the PETA world, I fully support her efforts. Her blogs are witty and insightful and usually open your eyes up to some horrible mistreatment of animals which I think more people need to be aware of.

The blog that I follow most however, is the movie blog at It has trailers, news feeds, updates and pretty much anything you need to know about up and coming movies, dvd releases, whose being caste in what, and reviews.

Check em out!


I’ll Have a Small Fry Please…

You may be wondering, why the name “small fry”. Well, as a kid I never was the tallest girl in class, or anywhere for that matter. Now, at age twenty-three, I still find myself looking up to almost everyone around me, however, this vertical limitation never really bothered me. What I lacked in height I made up for in personality. When your larger than life, who cares about your height? Well apparently every 12-14 year old child circa 1998-2000.

Most of the kids in elementary school did not bring up my height because they were too busy loosing to me in kickball. As soon as I started middle school and met all the new kids from the elementary schools in the area, I really noticed just how short I was. Kids would call me all sorts of names and measure me against lockers, walls, and their favorite: other kids that were clearly taller than me. When people called me shorty, tiny, midget, I ignored it. Sure, it hurt my feelings sometimes, but I was tough enough to brush it off, and when I was not, my mom or dad was always there to help me. Eventually I was being known as the shortest girl in school. So what did I do? I went out for the basketball team, I auditioned for school plays, and ran for class offices. I became known for everything other than my height.

I managed to get through high school and most of college unscathed, and it was not until recently that my short stature was brought up.

I went out for drinks with a few girlfriends and this extremely rude gentleman continuously made short jokes throughout the night. He would ask me if I was old enough to be in a bar, “or drive a car for that matter”. Whether he was bending down to “my level” to talk to me, or comparing me to his seven-year-old nephew, I was mortified that a twenty-something-year-old man would even toy with the thought of making negative comments about a person’s height! Eventually, he moved on to nick names,  teensy, Polly Pocket, and Thumbelina to name a few. I usually do not let people like him get to me, despite my height, I am a much bigger person. I was not getting noticeably upset, but he could tell I was annoyed. Whether this was his pathetic attempt at flirting, or just his way of getting attention, I was not happy. I could have yelled and screamed at him, but I have learned that yelling at ignorant people really does not do anything but start a screaming match. Frustrated and annoyed, I decided to leave.

Just as I got to the door I hear, “hey small-fry where ya going?!” I turned to see the man with a crooked smile and a look of concern on his face. He finally realized I was not enjoying his comments and in that moment I decided to just go with it. I’ve never let my height get to me, and I was sure as heck not about to start. I embraced it, “Small-fry huh? I like that one!”

Once he realized his comments were no longer bothering me, he stopped, and just like that Small-Fry was born.

Now when I think of the nick-name I think of  how to be a bigger person and not sink to people’s levels. How to own what you have and “play the hand you were dealt”. It makes me remember that there are ignorant people in the world and rather than putting them down, you just have to rise above. Although being teased is never easy to deal with, especially for children, as an adult you really have to look at the big picture. In the grand scheme of things one drunken idiot is not going to ruin my life.

So do not sweat the small stuff, even if it seems big at the time, and when life hands you lemons… turn them into a nickname!


Hey There…

Hey everyone,

My name is Dana and I have always been a fan of movies. I love getting lost for an hour and a half in some other world. Whether its comedy or drama, action or horror, if it has a good story and some good characters, I’ll watch it.

I’ve known for quiet some time that I want to be involved in making them in one way or another. In high school my friends and I would make short movies, usually some sort of satire or mocumentary (a spoofed documentary). In college I majored in media production. I learned the skills of production from camera work to lighting, then followed that up with editing classes where I learned how to cut a movie. As a senior I focused a lot on pre production, mainly screenwriting. I became a huge fan of writing my own movies. There is just something about making characters come alive. You can relate to these characters in a whole other way because they are small pieces of you, or in many cases, a very large piece of you.

It has been said that writing is therapeutic, and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve made myself laugh, cry, get angry, hate love, love love, and absolutely want to destroy love, through these screenplays. It is an amazing feeling when you put a scene together that makes somebody else feel those things. This is definitely something I want to do professionally, but I am realistic. I know there are hundreds and thousands of screenwriters all with the same dream as me, so I know I have to work my way up.

Typically, in the movie industry, this means starting at the bottom by being a production assistant. Before I embarked on my journey to Hollywood I wanted to brush up on all production skills so I stuck around after graduation and took on a few random editing jobs for different universities in the area. Eventually I was offered a job at Quinnipiac to work in the School of Communications as a media production specialist. The job is great, I get to work on editing packages for the school, helping students with their project, teach editing work shops, and even do some random editing jobs for faculty. After working here for a year I’ve gotten some great experience and have definitely brushed up on my editing skills, but I knew there was something more I could be doing with my time. I was determined to find some sort of medium for me to keep working, keep learning.

When I was introduced to the ICM graduate program, I thought, “perfect! a program that I can continue my education in, and perhaps incorporate my production and editing skills”. Little did I know how relative this program is to my field.

Interactive communications allows for a whole other side of movies. Through blogs you can communicate with thousands of people who share your same ideas, or in many cases, who do not. You can gain access and tips to amazing websites that support your ideas. You can learn to build your own websites to get those ideas out there.

I believe the web is a great medium for the film industry, and being able to master it will definitely put me ahead of the curve. There is a demand for new and up and coming film students who can handle all aspects of media, and hopefully by the of this program I will be one of them.

I am very much looking forward to working with all of you, and hopefully we can all learn a thing or two from each other.